Vergelegen Dietitians consist of a team of dynamic and energetic clinical dietitians. We practice in both Somerset West and Stellenbosch.

Dietitians are the recognized experts in the field of evidence-based nutrition. Whether you consult us for weight loss, cholesterol, or any other condition, we give expert advice and clear direction to achieve your personal goals.

There are many unscientific health and nutrition publications, fad diets and nutrition gimmicks around. When you consult our nutrition center, you are protected from misleading treatments and misinformation.

We offer an extensive range of Services to cater for every nutritional need and we look forward to working with you!

 Invest in your Health Program

Weight loss program at Vergelegen Dietitians Our Invest in Your Health Weight Loss Program offers a holistic approach to wellness by focusing on nutrition, physical health, and stress relief. The program runs over the course of 3 months and includes the following:

  • 12 sessions with a registered dietitian
  • Individualized meal plan
  • Individualized nutritional advise and guidance
  • 12 Personal Training sessions
  • Relaxation massages and gift vouchers to reward you for your hard work
  • Weekly emails and updates on all things nutrition-related

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Discount on all Energize PowerBars

Now available from Vergelegen Dietitians for only R28 while stock lasts.

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  Key Benefits: 

  •  Improved endurance and long-lasting energy due to dual carb mix.
  • Easily digestible and low in fat.
  • Contains extra electrolytes to make up for losses during race.
  • Available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavour


New at Vergelegen Dietitians

Nutrition during the menopause years

Vergelegen dietitians services: Nutrition during menopauseResearch shows that most women reaching their menopause years choose to go the natural route, i.e. without hormone replacement therapy. We are now qualified to help women in their quest to go the hormone-free route. Specific nutritional strategies and supplements can be used to manage the symptoms of menopause. If you are experiencing unwanted symptoms related to menopause, make an appointment with Vergelegen Dietitians. Our dietitians will help find the most suitable nutritional treatment approach for your symptoms.